Bonus looks at Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Maggie, and Glenn from the photo shoot for our new The Walking Dead collector’s cover set.

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Photo Credit Dylan Coulter for EW.

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"Are you sure that’s a real spell?" said the girl. "Well, it’s not very good, is it? I’ve tried a few simple spells just for practice and it’s all worked for me. Nobody in my family’s magic at all, it was ever such a surprise when I got my letter, but I was ever so pleased, of course, I mean, it’s the very best school of witchcraft there is, I’ve heard—I’ve learned all our course books by heart, of course, I just hope it will be enough—I’m Hermione Granger, by the way, who are you?”

having grown up with the HP series, i have said on multiple occasions that i am hermione granger. it’s no coincidence that we’ve never been in the same room, and i too am a magical bossy know-it-all with big hair who’s smart in school.

but now…now it’s OFFICIAL. and here are the pics to prove it~

photos taken/edited by ArtsyRaccoon, it was my first time working with her and she did an AMAZING job and was so sweet, please go check her out ;-;

more photos from this shoot HERE

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"You’ve been by my side the whole d a m n time

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I look around at us and you know what I see? Losers… I mean like, folks who have lost stuff.

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I have felt first-hand the very wrath of the Turkish ice-cream man.

The trolliest ice cream man to ever live.

And look at that fucking majestic mustache.

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[on diversity in media] I think its social responsibility. I think it’s our responsibility to stand up and say what we want. It think if you look at television in the past two years, it’s becoming the decade of the female. Like, all these new shows with female leads. Even if you look at television, as well as cable, as well as films, there’s been a resurgence, as far as the leading woman in Hollywood, which is great. And I think we’re also at the point now…you know, it’s interesting…x

Tell it. 

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Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns
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Looks like we have ourselves a Pai Showdown.

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Sometimes a person takes you by surprise.

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Why the fuck does everything have to break at the same time, and when my dad has just gone away for a week?

First my phone just goes kaput, then the oven starts making such scary noises that I have to turn it off at the power.


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Let’s go home.

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You sure you don’t want anything else? How about one of these quarter walkie talkies? They have a built in homing beacon.

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Ain’t no thing like me, ‘cept me.

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AoS characters in the Season 1 trailer versus the Season 2 promo.

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